Cognitive Content of Urine in Water Theme Park

Reading the post heading made you bewildered ?
We all enjoy outing after long days of hectic work, packing the worries and moving to get relaxed.Probably we will choose a park (especially with children), enjoy the rides, jolly up in pools and get relaxed. Up to this every thing is fine.
Probably the very next day you may caught fever, scratches or itches. You wont understand how you caught this. Taking a flash back of our outing , we will find the culprit.When you saw the pool the water was not that much clear in the theme park, but you cant withstand the joy of playing and riding in pools , you just plunge into the pool.

Last week I read an article quite interesting about water theme parks. Water theme parks recycle or clean the pool usually once in a month. Humans have a tendency to urinate when contact with water especially pools , lakes, rivers etc.(I am not sure whether this is the case with all parts of the world).

Suppose a water theme park has a pool capacity of 50000 liters. Of an average 500
people visit the pool everyday. So 450 * 500ml of urine a day is added to the pool.(why 450 there were 500 people there? I guessed 50 of them don’t urinate on pools, Good Guys) ie 225 liters of pure urine are added to the pool each day.
For 30 days 225 * 50 = 11250 liters.
The total volume of the pool has risen to 50000 + 11250 = 61 250 liters.
Are you getting the math :-)
If a guy who used the pool has diseases like Hepatitis, the chance of spreading it will be
higher. Cytomegalovirus infection (CMV) is also one such disease that spreads through urine. Apart from this there may be other unwell like cold, fever or skin diseases caused by water parasites. The water in the pool may be chlorinate or bleached,prolonged contact with eyes causes reddish to the eyes.
So how can we safely play in the pool.
  • Try to get details when the pool was last cleaned.
  • A good pool has crystal clear water , so you can see beneath the pool.
  • When you hold some water on your hand , it wont contains any dust particles
  • Use goggles to protect your eyes.
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