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There were times when we are searching for a book online and coming back that its not available for download or its a paid service. Now an auspicious occasion has arrived to get what you wanted. If such an event occurs being ignorant about it is pretty bad.
I am talking about World e-Book Fair (WeBF) , even though I came to know only after my colleague forwarded a mail to me regarding the event. It actually started in July 4 and ends on August 4. Better late than never. Its an open access E-books for one month.
Enjoy downloading what you need and let other know about it .

A little about WeBF .
World e-Book fair is an for making students and all people equal acees to knowledge and opportunity and a huge collection of e-books free for download for a month.There are a lot of profitable and non profitable sponsors . The main sponsors include
Project Gutenberg , World Public Library , Internet Archive , DPP Store , International Music Score Library Project , Ask., Baen Books , Mobile Books

The available formats include PDF, plain text, e-books for mobile phones and mp3 files
So start downloading now onwards .

Click here to go for World e Book Fair
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