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I was always longing for investing in stock market and at the recession hit a ripe time for me. I have got an amount of 100$ from my company as MBO and I took my first step in investing into the stock market. The State Bank of India is providing an online demat service through SBICAPSEC .And as I considered some other online demat users the SBICAPSEC interface and value updating is much better than others. I know nothing about the stock market and in my hand is only a keen interest in trading .I applied for the account through the bank and it came active within 20 days .I have to go through a very short discussion with the E biz help desk @ SBI.

I have subscribed to the websites like and rediff money. I started checking the BSE home page a 100 times a day. I went through the stock tips and good investment decisions pdfs, read the Warren Buffet investment styles and Jhunjhunnwala blogs .I came across some good quotes like these

Give time for your seeds to sow. if you keep removing your seed and change soil every other day, your seed will remain a seed ".

"I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful."-- Warren Buffett
Also i have heard never listen to others tricks while investing. As my first step in investing I brought a Electrical Company share just 10 numbers. Then I brought some Petro Chemical shares. In the mean time I have developed a strategy of buying less value shares more numbers. I have brought shares of distilleries, Power sector and medical companies. When I bought my the share with the last penny I have the Sensex was testing 9000.Now matter has become worse and it started to test 8000.I have the hope that this a global phenomena and it’s not only the SENSEX but from NASDAQ to Tokyo Exchange the matter is more worse.
I have the hope that this will be over soon. I have planted my seed and I am waiting for it to nurture as early as possible
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Given that the Sensex is above 18000 now, you might be a millionaire!