Line of Terror in INDIA

The time is getting harsh, a recession on one side terror on other side.Wearing jeans and T-shits the son of A55 H01E5
fired indiscriminately over my brothers and sisters. How dare they do this? Don’t they have mother and sisters?The reckless act has shown us that how rigors they are trained that seeing blood and corpse make them happy. They are not cultured human beings they are deadly vampires who fed on the blood or cannibals (cannibals they won’t do like this). Always the innocent has suffered .Do they ever think that doing like this will not give a good position in heaven rather than get punished in hell.I hate , we all hate these people who fed on the blood of innocent people and God even can’t forgive them, in name of which religion they are doing this peccable sins .Is there something that is told in their holy book to torture like this and get 72 virgins .Get lost you f*ckkers. Go and hang yourself or use one bullet for the sake of the world. Put the barrel n you throat and pull the trigger at least you will be avoided from Hell .
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