Vanara Sena ,the ones who helped the Lord

Lord SriRam was helped by the Vanara sena in crossing the ocean in search of finding his beloved wife Sita. The ocean was 100 yogna wide and they constructed a bridge for crossing. Vanara sena consists of monkeys, mostly chimpanzees. Because they were near to intelligenace with humans. That era was over and Sita was successfully brought back to Ayodhya.
After long year in the 21st Centuary some people as they are called formed an army in memory of Lord Rama , the Sree Rama Sena upto that its fine.
I don’t know how many of these “monkeys” have heard about Lord Ram and the quality of even one of the monkey that helped Lord Ram.
Currently Indians are suffering from lot of mischievous activities from other senas like Siva Sena,Nava Nirman sena …
Ah coming to the point these vanara sena attacked a pub in Mangalore beat guys and gals .Fine they are happy they have saved the ethics of the land. These
F*cking persons doesn’t know how the Lord behaved to woman even when
Soorpanaka came to Ram in search of love.

Ah thses bastards are spoiling the heavenly name of the beloved Lord, Sri Ram
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