Media and 26/11 Mumbai terror attack.

A British couple happened to be caught in the mayhem in 26/11 attack in Bombay. They were staying in The Taj palace Hotel .The couple has accused to be very careful in reporting such incidents.The media was vying for exclusive footages of the incident.The 'C' channel showed commandos entering the hotel, while the 'I' channel even interviewed a terrorist. Initially the terrorists were finding it difficult to identify the tactics of the commandos. One of the terrorists felt it boring inside the Taj and he decided to watch TV.
The channel was MTV when he switched on the Television .Ah "Allah what is this Girls without burka, no head cover, even no proper body cover This is haram “. He took his AK 56 and fired 3 rounds .The MTV and the TV went off. He went to another room there the TV was already switched on .He saw himself climbing through the hotel walls.”Ah it’s me" he yelled and fired another 3 rounds through the window. It went through the media persons lying outside the Taj. "Courageous Reporting ".He then saw commandos coming entering the hotel throught he channel .He took his phone and called Mukari Bukari Bin Salaa Damal , another terrorist. " Are sale dho commandos there kamre ke samne hei “At that time he was reading Samna and the editorial seems to be like firing from AK 47 he fired at it and the mouth piece went into pieces."How you know that ".Just watch the TV.”Hell you are watching TV and Go and kill all". He switched to 'C' TV and the report was "A British couple is inside the Taj and we came to know that they are in room number 72." "Hip Hip hurray, killing British persons will really add glory to me and surely I will get 72 virgins in heaven ". He went in search of the couple. At the same time the couple also saw the same thing on TV "B*st*rds " , they flee outside the room and escaped. The terrorist came to the room looking for the couple.”Heavy Gun fire and smoke ".The terrorist found something hitting his body he tried to count one ....two..... Finished Who? The terrorist .He got 72 bullets instead of 72 virgins. The NSG has done it. Here I am not simplifying or legalizing the Mumbai attack or supporting the B*st*rds who carried out the heinous act of terror or mocking any of the glorious warriors who fought for the nation .I tried to point out the way media reports considering only their ranking and not considering the humanitarian basis and without commonsense

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