Pink Undies Shop - Exclusive Valentines Day Special offers

FYI - Pramod Muthalik the chief of Sree Ram Sena has opened a shop in Bangalore to sell pink undies. Till Valentines day you can buy at a special offer . He's selling by kilos , as per our reporter a kilo may cost less than a $ . Lot of enthusiasts is buying the hot stuff at hot price.

Pramod Muthalik also plans to open more shops and looking for franchises , He will soon meet MNS chief Raj Thackery and Shiva Sena chiefs. The observers of chaddi industry forecasts that Raj will open a shop that will sell only pink chaddis manufatured in Maharastra . The famous undies brands like VIP Frenchie Jockey companies managers made a talk to the chief that they made an offer so that will arrange an exchange offer for pink undies . Muthalik has reject that he had not made any alliances with any chaddi companies and he wont sell other multinational brands. He also made comments that the government will make declaration that chaddi is part of our culture and his Sree Ram Sena volunteers will verify that all persons are wearing chaddies and those who doesn’t wear will be manhandled and later will give him/her a pair for free.
In order to make promotions of his shop he’s going to cover his bald head with a pink one . "Happy Valentines DAY"

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