A Tribute to Dennis Ritchie

It was in year 2001 after joining  for B.Sc. Computer Science  I was  hearing about C .Our first semester  subjects include C++. But I had no idea what C++ was. One thing I came to know from my class mate was  that it evolved from C . At the time when I was joining for the degree , I hadn't even  done a single line of code or familiar with a computer . My friends had started showing me programs that generate graphic lines and their names rotating along with them while I watched with dropping jaws .The teacher started the first week class with writing

#include<conio.h>  ,
 she didn’t even bother about telling as what the stuff was . I by hearted the program codes for  printing numbers and text  reverse , Fibonacci series (was complicated ) and finding the largest of three numbers . The first semester result came with 29 point someone (influenced by Five point someone) marks for me in   C ++ which required 35 to pass. We had C in the second semester and I had to write a supplementary exam along with that . C and C++ made a better combination. I had heard many time my friends  that they are crabbed with this language and blaming its founder . Oh it has a founder , so I came in search for that person and  found it was Dennis Ritchie  . The C programming Language was also a rare piece  in our library .

Days and Years passed and everything changed,me too became a Software developer from a country boy who had seen a computer  for the first time when he was  at eighteen. Iconic products iPod , iPhone and iPad evolved , Steve Jobs became famous (inspiring , motivating ) more or equal to the company Apple , Facebook out smarted Orkut  , Twitter came out with 140 character micro blogging  and a lot more….  .

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5 , 2011 and there was a lot of mourning (iMourning) . Google posted a link on their home page that takes you to Apple site , a rare instance .Its first time Google is showing such a tribute to a rival company founder or for first time a link wass appearing on their home page.

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie passed away on October 12, 2011 and I felt it like it was unnoticed. When Jobs passed away magazines, media ,everyone had something to say about Steve. May be the younger generation don’t know even who Ritchie  was , because he hadn’t developed something that is physical and may be not an industrialist  , but he had contributed even more to the computing industry  . 

The two things that change the industry are the first of its kind portable programming language , the C.

The Apple’s Objective C is a sister of Rictchie’s C just alike Stroustrup C ++  which is object oriented .Even C sharp (C#)of Microsoft is  another  casting of C . My favorite java has syntax similar to C.
The second contribution is the development of UNIX operating system where Linux Trovalds get inspired to create LINUX .
So Ritchie was a master contributor to the computing industry  with lot a lot more  .
I bow on this moment  .


    printf("May your soul rest in peace !!!");

image courtesy : www.wired.com
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Arun c kamal
October 16, 2011 at 9:47 PM delete

salute the man.. and Very Good article...

October 17, 2011 at 1:54 AM delete

gr8 job dude

October 17, 2011 at 2:25 AM delete

i too dint hear anything abt demise of Dennis Ritchie....:( although did hear and read news abt Steve jobs !!...