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The blog is actually a repetition of the post from my old blog which I abandoned earlier.

" It was last Sunday when I was at my shop ,an old lady came asking details of a bus to Madathara. It’s a remote place nearing the border of Tamilnadu. She was so short, lean and looks tired. But her eyes bears the glare of an unknown happiness. I told that I don’t know the exact time of the bus but there is one in every two or three hours. She sat on the side walk of our shop looking for a kallu (a stone used to crush pan for chewing by old people) and I told her to go and sit on the bus stop on the other side of the road so that when the bus comes she can ask whether it’s going to Madathara.
She was eagerly waiting at the bus stop and asking each and every bus whether it will lead her to the destination. After a while an inveterate drinker arrived there he can't even stand properly .He came near her and uttering loudly pointing her. She crossed the road and came to the other side he followed her. He came to the shop and tried to come inside, I prevented him in the door and shouted. He asked "Do you know who I am ", I told him I don’t care who you are. After a small verbal attack he left the place.
asked the lady why she came there. I was so happy to hear the answer. Her eyes were glittered when she replied; I can see the pride of a mother.

She came to see her son who is working in a borma (Borma is a term used to refer to the an a type of oven where items are baked) .We usually took items from that bakery. She asked me whether you know Ambasamudrum? "Ambasamudrum yes I have heard of that” I replied.“There is one dish called “Ari murukku” for which Ambasamudrum is famous for”. She told that they call it as “Kai Murukku”.Its really tasty. Earlier sand used for construction came from there .Now the Tamilnadu government is not allowing to move sand to Kerala because they fear that we are accumulating sand here for constructing a new dam at the Mullaperiyar. She told the name of the river but it was not clear for me .I searched about the rivers in Ambasamudram and found that it was Thamirabarani River. Ambasamudram and Thamirabarani both are very good names.

A mother came to see her son traveling kilometers .A mothers love is one thing which is not lost when a boy becomes adult or gets married. Hail you mother, mother of all.

Initially I had another plan of filling the blogs with my childhood dreams, experiences, fantasies everything. When I came across this mother I can’t leave her for another day.
I don’t know how many of you value the relationship with your mother in the era of celebrating and remembering mothers on Mothers Day only. "

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This was a touching incident..