Teach a person how to fish

Give a person a fish, and you fish them for a day. Teach a person how to fish,and you feed them for a lifetime "

New dawn, new thoughts, new achievements .It has always been a matter of concern, what I am pointing out is about the Poverty in India. Why this time it’s about poverty is, a new government which can stand stiff is at the center. Stiff means its far better than a coalition one in which there is a lot of pressure on the ruling party. The poverty eradication programs under most of the coalition governments had failed to achieve target.

Let’s make a quick look at some facts.
  • Even after 60 years of Independence, 456 million Indians (42% of the total Indian Population) now live under the global poverty line. (Earnings less than 20 rupees per day)
  • Women, tribal and scheduled castes are the worst affected ones.
  • The distribution of wealth has been very uneven. This can be read together with the growth of middle class in India. Not all poverty reduction programmers have failed.
  • Illiteracy, a population growth rate by far exceeding the economic growth rate contribute much more to poverty.
The picture will present you about a clear idea of how much we are successful in handling poverty.

Rural and Urban poverty

There is not much significance in dividing poverty into two classes.The rural folks depend mainly on agriculture which is highly depended on monsoon and other climatic phenomenon. Mismanaged irrigation systems , lack of water etc caused low or nil production of crops which increased their poverty. Some more notable points were the increased number of members in the family, caste system etc boosted the rate.
Urban poverty is due to the increase in the city populations. A major portion came to city from rural areas in search of jobs. The migration of rural families was due to the lack of employment opportunities.

India's economic policies

Wikipedia has given a fine example comparing our growth rate with other nations. Take a look at the chart I prepared with the data.
The average income in India was not much different from South Korea in 1947, but South Korea became a developed country by 2000s. At the same time, India was left as one of the world's poorest countries.

Government Schemes

The government had a lot of schemes to eradicate poverty and they had made some success in achieving the goal. The main schemes are Integrated Rural Development Programme, Jawahar Rozgar Yojana, the Training Rural Youth for Self Employment etc.

What I stand for is "Teach the poor how to fish"

image courtesy :- http://en.wikipedia.org/

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"Teach a person how to fish" this is very universal. absolutely agree! india poverty case is somehow similar to indonesia. the gap between the haves and the poors is just too big.