Zoozoo - the new advertiesment icon

ZooZoo ?? Unfamiliar name ah! But the person (?) is very much familiar to you.Zoozoo are the name of characters of the latest Vodafone ads. Like their previous ads (by the pug,) these ads become an instantaneous hit. It was first shown during the telecast of Indian Premier League cricket matches held in South Africa. They became more popular than the cricket stars. The ads were indented to show case the value added services of Vodafone .Extra Terrestrial (ET) characters looks like Zoozoo. Why I didn’t write the other way because whenever ET comes to mind, there will be a unified image in the mind of People and definitely it will be that of Zoozo. These egg headed creature speaks some unfamiliar or alien language which I hope nobody can understand. They have also got a trade mark smile too.

Initially when I saw the ads I thought the may be animated, but later I came to know that they are human beings in body suits. Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films, directed the commercials for O&M (Ogilvy and Mathers).He mentioned that Zoozoos were a big challenge to create. The fabric has two parts - the body and the head. The body parts of the outfit were stuffed with foam, while the head was attached separately. The head is made of a material called Perspex for looking bigger than human head. Woman were cast for characters with thin hands and legs.
The characters are a real threat to Celebs who hold the position brand ambassadors

Vodafone has won the first of PETA's 2009 Glitterbox Awards for taking the advantage of using humans in place of real animals in ads. PETA has raised objections in Vodafone’s previous ads to the use of animals (a parakeet and a dog) in campaigns.

You can watch the whole Zoozoo ads from the you tube link

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