The Web's Most Dangerous Search Terms

Its very uncommon to find a system that has never came under the limelight of a virus attack.The term has also became a synonym ,which it replaced the position of biological virus in lexicography.The computer virus are small programs that run without the user 's permission and gaining access to confidential data.The looted data are used for gaining access to emails,bank accounts ,which cause a lot of turmoil.

Mc Afee
one of the popular anti-virus company has made a study about the riskiest searches in Internet.Hackers are most successful in attracting a large number of people in which most of them turn victims.McAfee chose more than 1000 's of popularsearch keywords,theU.S.,France,India,Brazil,Mexico,Chile,Spain,Germany,Italy,Netherlands,UK and Canada. The Search was conducted on five major search engines, Google, Yahoo!, Live, AOL, and Ask,and results were analyzed using the company's SiteAdvisor product, which identifies malicious websites.
The risk of a particular search term in ranked in two ways.

  • Average risk (total number of red- and yellow-rated sites divided by the total number of red-, yellow-, and green-rated sites)
  • Maximun Risk (single page with the highest percentage of red- and
    yellow-rated sites.)
The keywords were grouped and studied by category and by country of popularity.The important findings of the study are
  • The average risk level of all results pages was just 1.7%
  • The categories with the worst maximum risk profile were lyrics keywords (26.3%) and phrases that include the word “free” (21.3%).
  • The riskiest set of keyword variations was “screensavers” with a maximum risk of 59.1%
    and an average risk of 34.4%, substantially higher than the study averages of 10.0% and 1.7%.Surprisingly, searches using the keyword “Viagra,”
  • Keywords popular in non-U.S. countries were significantly riskier than those popular in the United States
Here are the list of most dangerous search terms.I have included that of US , India and Australia.
You can find the full report and the search risk from the McAfee report.

So next time when you search be care full you are at risk of catching a tigers tail.
  • Always use anti virus software in your computer
  • Subscribe to anti virus database updates regularly
  • Use WOT(Web of Trust ) plug in ,Its a Mozilla plugin that helps in identifying malicious links and sites.
  • Don't download or allow sites to install plug gins
So " Have a safe browsing "

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