The Man Who Fed the World

Every one who merely take even a grain a day is directly or indirectly consociated to this man. The man who has been deemed as the father of the Green Revolution passed away September 12 th 2009.
Norman Ernest Borlaug popularly Norman Borlaug is a man who saved one billion people worldwide from hunger.
He started his career against the pests that affects wheat and barley. It was the time when the world population was exploding and there is no increase in the proportional production of food (especially rice and wheat and other cereals ) with the tremendous world population.

His experiments started in the wheat farms of Mexico(Wheat being the most produced cereal ).During this time the team made nearly 6000 wheat crossings to make a pest resistant variety breed. Borolog also used the technique of Dwarfing to make short plants with thicker stems to withstand the weight of grain.

In1963 Borlaug came to India.1965 was an year of famine and war for India. In 1967 Pakistan imported the ever largest seed import of 42,000 tons. 1968 was an year in which Pakistan’s wheat production doubled and they became self-sufficient in wheat production. In 1974 India was self sufficient in the production of all cereals.

In 1970 the great U.S. Agronomist was awarded with Nobel Peace Prize. In 2006 The Government of India presented him the Padma Vibhushan, its second highest civilian award.

So when ever you are having food remember the statement ( Borlaug's children released this statement )

"We would like his life to be a model for making a difference in the lives of others and to bring about efforts to end human misery for all mankind."

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Good story! so inspiring 0_0

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