The word jail may invoke cautious in us about the laws of the land. From history onwards jail was always a replica of hell on earth. From war prisoners to captives,from criminals to crooks its all a seperate world.
The National Geographic Channel is telecasting a show called Jailed Abroad series 1 .It tells the real life stories of people who were jailed abroad in different situations.

British journalist Amar Bassey in Pakistan, Judo instructor Glen Heggstad in Colombia,Daniel in Ecuador are some of them.
Most of the incidents were grievous and most people moist their eyes narrating the incident.
Some incidents were part of the jobs, some were done for easy money making and some end as kidnaps.

So don't miss it, usually on 10.00pm on Mondays, re telecast often

image coutesy :http://www.natgeotv.co.in/programmes/Photos.aspx?Id=386&GalleryNo=2

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