Virtual goods Real money

Have you brought something virtual for real money,like weapons in games like Mafia wars , oil for your tractor in Farm Ville .Most of us will nod no , still there are a lot of people you spend money on these mere pixels on the screen.This has become the new trend of social gaming.
The fantastic business of making goods with zero manufacturing charge which fetches a margin of 100%.This is really a big profit that any other business will give back.

Zynga, Playfish and Playdom are dominating the virtual goods market with there #1 rated games on Facebook and Myspace .Zynga is the leading company. FarmVille a social game by Zynga has a whooping 65 million users ,all agricultural enthusiasts. All the virtual goods are bought for the improvement of character in the game they play.The games are designed in such a way that the user is pushed to buy something to keep the pace of the game.The best example is buying gasoline for your tractor in FarmVille.

The share Zyga got from selling the virtual goods is astonishing, a 100 Million $.Its saying that a million users are spending money on virtual goods. Zynga has moved a little bit ahead and created its on dedicated site for FarmVille.

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