Which is the best place in the world to live

Every year the International Living magazine rates countries based on  best quality of life

The classification give an insight about the socio ecomic and other living condtions of different nations and improvement thay have acheived within the year . The result of the clasification gives you the answer to the question 

"Which is the best place in the world to live"

2010 Quality of Life Index. points are calculated on the following basis
  • Cost of Living ( how much it will cost you to live)
  • Culture and Leisure (based on literacy rate, newspaper circulation per 1,000 people, primary and secondary school enrollment ratios etc)
  • Economy (based on GDP), Environment(population density, green house emission)
  • Freedom (civil and political rights)
  • Health (based on peoples per doctar, hospitals per docta,infant mortality rate, life expectancy, and public health expenditure )
  • Infrastructure (highways,airports, water ways etc)
  • Safety and Risk (dangerous living conditions)
  • Climate (the annual rainfall and temperature).
The top 10 countries on Quality of Life Index  2010 are

  1. France
  2. Australia
  3. Switzerland
  4. Germany
  5. New Zealand
  6. Luxembourg 
  7. United States
  8. Belgium
  9. Canada  and 
  10. Italy
No Latin American or Asian countries came to top 10.France is leading to the top for the 5th consecutive year. They have considered US as the standard.
The most notable position is of India .India has improved 35 places to become the 88th best country in the world to live.Nations like Russia and China are behind India.
UAE ranked 141st in 2010 Quality of Life index.The Arab nation falls behind Colombia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mongolia, Swaziland, Azerbaijan and North Korea in terms of quality of life.
Most of the Gulf countries ranked in the bottom half.

Read more about your countries score from this link
2010 Quality of Life Index
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cannot go to the link. what about indonesia and china? =)

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Interesting but I'm quite happy in Finland even though it's expensive here. :-)

February 15, 2010 at 5:05 AM delete

I could move to Canada or New Zealand though! Hmmm....

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