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Keeping mum for  long time , writing no posts in the blog for months, and writing an apology  saying that I was busy for the past months,actually I don't like it.
Frankly saying why I don't write for the past moths were  I was out of subject or nothing grappled into my mind for the past three or four months. Again I was busy with my work almost 12 to 18 hours .I still believe that I don't have  a regular visitor to my blog .

Why again ?

I have the habit of regularly visiting the pages I like very much. May be a couple of time a day. recently I was very much attracted to  blog  'Life Beyond Code' may be am working with codes and the sub title of the blog "Bringing Ideas to Life With Love !"

The author is Rajesh Setty,a silicon valley inhabitant.About him as from his blog he is founder, operating executive, board member and/or an investor.An author who published his first book at the age of thirteen. He loves speaking at conferences and company events.

Why I love this blog becuase whever I vist the blog I will get something new , new like a sign board that makes you aware of your path . Ithing every one of you should vist the blog, I cant assure you that you will love the blog , but am sure that you will find something useful may be again like  a sign board.

click here for  >>  Life Beyond Code

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April 6, 2010 at 6:34 PM delete

namastee Abhi!
i visited the blog. it's nice. i will put into web-to-visit link. seems many nice info there. thanks for sharing!

June 1, 2010 at 6:39 AM delete

hi, am new to this blogger,, hop to be updated,,,,wallahhhh,,, hi all...thankz for nice and wonderful great topics, etc.....