A question of GOD

When I was on my way back to working place via bus I noticed an old lady nearing her seventies  advising a young guy , the guy simply nodded his head as if understanding every thing. She was dressed in a white saree and she wore a badge.

The guy got down in the next stop and I sat beside her. At first she looked at me and patted in my hand asking me where I was going .I told I have miles to go (before I sleep) . She wanted to know the exact place and I told her. I have seen older ladies near my home who had joined Shivite cult which is located in Mount Abu. She started asking me questions 
"Son You know who GOD is "
I answered "The one who is present everywhere, Omnipresent "
"Its wrong..." "How can u say that hes present every where , then why are u going to temple "
I told her "To make your mind calm..u will be much disturbed in ur house or workplace ..children , television..etc..so " .

"Hmm.. we can stop about temple subject here , I don't need to argue with u ".
I told here for me 
"If your are feeling so hungry and food arrives in front of you , that food is ur GOD "  .
"Hm.... ok u have more knowledge than me "
"No no " i said "You have more years of world experience than me"
"I need to get down at the next stop...Its nice to talk such subject and time wont be enough for such,,,Ccan u share your phone number .."
"But I hesitated to share it..."I told her "We will meet again"
She replied "Yes , Surely God will !!!!"

image courtesy : http://sweetblossom2011.blogspot.com/2011/06/god.html
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