Karimeen (pearlspot) - A story of how my friend surprised me

This time it’s also something about marriage… .  Some  weeks back  I had some thoughts in my mind about how to surprise my friends by introducing my  fiancée  to my friends .  Don’t misunderstand me it’s just part of my thoughts and is not getting married in near term. She’s not working in my company and taking my friends outside will be difficult.

So I made a plan, visitors are allowed up to our cafeteria so I will ask Diya (again fictional name… it’s difficult to write without a name :-)) to come as a visitor and wait in the cafeteria . It’s usually at 10.30 in the morning  me  and my friends join for a coffee .  So at the middle of the coffee I will just break the news that I am getting engaged and she works in one of the India’s largest conglomerates. Surely they will be asking for a photo,

“Why photo if you can meet…..”  ”Hi … meet Diya my ….”.
 My friends will be surprised and will congratulate me for my radiant idea. 
This is  all part of the story and now I will explain what happened in real.

Last Friday  I was going back home along with Abru and Mohan in Mohan’s car .Abru is getting married in coming August and he said he will give us a treat . So we decided to have our dinner from Travancore Palace Hotel in Cherthalai .    The palace hotel  looks like a real palace and we all loved the ambience especially Abru .On the whole  atmosphere  was very calm inside with  pleasant Kadhakali songs (padangal )  from speakers somewhere hidden Inside  aroused  the feeling  of  Kadakali  from  some temple nearby . The hotel had almost every thing except the king to canon it .  The antics were kept nicely  and I cant even name some of them .  In   the backyard  we can see Arayum nirayum with two brass elephants guarding it . (I will try to upload the photos if possible) .

We ordered  Duck roast , Karimeen * fry , Fish curry (Varal ) and Chappatis . Abru was comfortable with Keral Parathas .  The food was superb and yummy. Abru finished the food a little bit ahead of us and was busy with his phone sending text messages.  Oh I forgot we also ordered   Prawns fry . (again yummy……….)  . The same day after noon I had asked Abru for his fiancée   pics which he had promised me to send the previous day “hm…. I will send it toady itself ”He replied . As me and Mohan were enjoying the prawns  Abru was talking to a girl and her family which I thought were his relatives. I cleared the possibility that it may not be his would-be because she’s from some distant place and I continued enjoying the Karimean *.   All of a sudden Abru came and introduced her

“Da .. u asked about the pics in the afternoon right ..What about meeting her in real….”
“This is the girl…”
I was confused  for a moment whether  to  spew or swallow the Karimeen *.

* Karimeen - a tropical fresh water fish found in backwaters of Kerala
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