Gold causes cancer*

The shocking international news which was kept hidden for the past seven years has been  leaked. Yes it’s true that the findings of Dr.Noeman  Eil Ekaf PhD. a professor ,researcher  and Head of Department of HAlfLife , Wonder Lae Institute of Radio Activity,Wonderla, Utopia  got leaked by some whistle blowing websites. The authorities has kept this secret due to the pressure from IMF , World Bank and from head of different  nations. 

Since after this
shocking discovery Prof.Noeman  has been missing and even after seven years, there is  evidence about his where outs. There is a rumor that  has been either killed or taken hostage by an agency formed by the union of different countries. His findings has greatermonetary  impact on the world economy. Coming to his findings he has discovered that Gold  with symbol Au and atomic number 93 is radioactive. The findings will ground the conventional statement that Gold is not radioactive. This pronouncement  occured when he was  studying about the radio activity of Gold. One day his advanced Geiger-Müller counter which  is used to detect radio activity by detecting the emission of Alpha , Beta and Gamma rays  showed variations when gold was exposed.

Please forward this mail to our brothers and sisters who are so fond of Gold. Let them know the hazard of wearing it and save them from Cancer .

When the gold price was sky rocketing I thought of writing  the above stuff and start  forwarding it. I have written a post regarding why Gold is so precious in  September 2009.
Later I abandoned the plan , thinking that gold is not precious ,its just like any other  metal  similar  to Aluminum but yellowish in color. What make it precious is human   physiology , our mind. From war medals to Olympic medals we love gold .

Imagine a time where El Niñov and La Niña make things worse for you to live in this  world.The agriculture cannot meet the necessities of the world, its has fallen far behind  in feeding billions of humans .Green revolutions can’t fails with unfavorable climate  .What will the government do with the tones of gold piles it kept as reserves ?Starvation,  famine, floods everywhere, you have gold but you don’t have food to buy. The state of Midas
who want to turn everything to gold on his touch of finger, at last can’t even eat anything because everything he touches turn to Gold

Joke Point : If gold causes cancer, buy gold in demat form (Gold ETF)

[There is a lot more to write about Gold, the love of Indians to gold , especially  Keralites, the concerns of parents with girl Child (Gold and Dowry) which I will post in later point of time  ]

* I have written this post based on pure imagination and all the names used here are fictional,  The writer will not be responsible for any of the  impact caused by  spreading  this post via any electronic or other means.

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