Lysistrata - for Mullaperiyar .

We are represented by twenty members in Parliament. It seems their voice is  not heard aloud till the recent tremors occurred in Idukki .To my first time readers (hope there will be ) am targeting your attention to a state dispitute about a dam named Mullaperiar in the Kerala –Tamilnadu border. The dam was made of stone and calcium oxide mixed with white of egg. The dam constructed in 1886 was given for lease to the Madras state for 999 years (Remember Dam 999).The diverted water is used for agriculture in the Theni, Madurai District, Sivaganga District and Ramanathapuram districts of Tamil Nadu. Recent earth quakes has create concerns over the safety of the dam and the Kerala govermnet  plans to construct  a new dam which is not agreeable for the Tamilnadu. A dam disaster will affect 3.5 million people and we always lack behind in preparing for a disaster and post disaster treatments.

The introduction is over. Lets come to the point for what we can do for the dam .

Aristophanes a greek play write wrote Lysistrata ,its an anti war comedy about an one woman plight to end the The Peloponnesian War.  In modern era the Lysistrata mode of strike has been successful or had played an important role in  the following situations

  •  Belgium -  2010 Belgian government formation crisis
  • Colombia -   Achieve a cease fire with Colombian guerrilla
  • Kenya - aimed at politicians , also encouraged president and primeminster wife to join
  • Philippines - fightinbg between villages
  • Liberia - helps in ending 14 year civil war.  
If it can end fourteen year civil war in Liberia and a cease fire between Colombian guerrillas , sure it can solve our issue also.

Till now  I didnt reveal what is the strategy that was behind the  revolution. Its nothing but a non violent strike method 'Sex Strike ' , a form of temporary sexual abstinence .

Hope this is a good hint to make them argue strongly for the new Mullaperiyar dam.

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