Second term for APJ Abdul Kalam

Her  Excellency Pratibha Devisingh Patil our presidents tenure ends on 25 July 2012 .With the support of Indian National Congress and the Left parties Madame President occupied the office on 25 July 2007.Why I am recalling all these things because a new Presidential election will be happening in near future . 
I want People’s president to get a second term. Truly I am referring to the our beloved Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam . 
A man who has shown how what are the powers of a president and how it can be wisely used. After his regime only we came to know about Presidents executive and judicial powers. In most of the cases the President  to assume office will be behaving like  a ‘timbre en caoutchouc’ of the government which supported to achieve the presidency . Dr.APJ incumbency was an exception. This led Madame Patil to  assert that she would not be  a rubber stamp president in one of her statements .

During the UPA regime , there were lots of lock horn incidents between Kalam and UPA, like the controversial office-of-profit bill   . So Dr.Kalam will not be a preferential candidate for UPA. Unlike Madame Patil who is surrounded by lot of controversies like diverging of funds to relatives trust , Dr. Kalam’s life is an open book . 

So the best man for the suite Rastrapathi Bhavan the  President's Abode is only and only Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam , a man with a vision and a mission.I want everyone to support this initiative as we can generate a mass opinion and let our government know whom people want to be  next President.

I am happy to hear from you and also share this as others can also raise their opinions.

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