Barbara Millicent Roberts turns 50

Most of us and even children can’t imagine who Barbara Millicent Roberts is when they hear the name. She was born on March 9, 1959.But all of us are familiar with Barbie .She’s still young and pretty even after 50 years .The time had come to celebrate her 50th birthday. She may be the one and only adult doll who had stolen the heart of millions of children.
Every profession assigned to Barbie by its creators is the ones which can be handled by woman and can be considered as motivational to children. She has become a pilot, doctor, nurse, army officer, fire fighter, life guard, world peace ambassador, flight attendant and even astronaut.
Barbie has also come under several criticisms. She has been considered as a symbol of Western consumer capitalism. Her legs are fifty percent longer than her arms which make her unable to walk. One more notable thing is, even considered as US resident she has never been manufactured there due to its high production cost.
The manufactures have to withdraw few dolls from the market due to the toxic contends which were manufactured in China .

But once you understand the criticisms you will old enough and far away from the age you loved your favorite Barbie .

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never like barbie since a girl till a mom. i will not introduce barbie to my daughters, bcoz i dont like it. it's too girlie! i wish my girls will not like it too. hahahaha!