Cricket , Jihad and Cricket

There is no enmity between Srilanka and Pakistan, there is only similarity . Both are having lot of internal problems Srilanka is sweeping LTTE and Taliban is cleaning Pakistan, the former one is progress of a nation and the latter is regress. In March 3 the Srilankan team was attacked by militants, probably the Taliban, luckily the players got injured only. The reason may be some Taliban guys love cricket , for making easy win for Pakistan( the first test end in draw) they aimed the key players. But the real reason behind this was they want to ban cricket, since its a whole day play they wont get time for Jihad and even the test match ends in 5 days.
According to Zarb-e-Taiba the Lashkar-e-Taiba magazine, the sports of Mujahids are swimming, archery and horse riding. They commented that cricket is a sinful and anti Islamic sport introduced by the British to their people. They have found out a very important observation that Israel is not playing or supporting cricket so they are progressing fast. The observation seems ridiculous. They may have plans to renaming the insect cricket.
Pakistan means "land of the pure ", currently it has become "land of the impure”. The Taliban is implementing Shariya law and had taken control of the SWAT province , after a little time they will gain the entire control of
Pakistan and at last it will become another Afghanistan.
The people of the state were so unlucky to live in such a treacherous condition.The military presidents were ruling Pakistan from 1958–71, 1977–88 and from 1999–2008, considering the current situation the reign of Musharraf was far better.

Lets hope all will turn clear In sha'allah.
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"cricket is a sinful and anti Islamic sport introduced by the British to their people."
sounds not logical at all!