Lifetime Offer

Are you having a life time plan on your mobile? Once you take a life time plan you may be thinking that you can get the incoming for your life time ,i.e. considering the average life span of an Indian as 67 years. You hope to enjoy nearly 50 years of mobile incoming .For all mobile service providers to operate in India, they need to accumulate license from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). The licenses are of two type nation wide and for smaller circles. Operator seeking licenses have to pay Rupees 16.5 billion for a nation wide license. After the fee is paid a spectrum will be allocated to the operator on a first come first serve basis .I am using Vodafone prepaid life time services, but when I checked the validity it is showing as it expires on 14-December- 2015.I came to understand that current mobile operator licenses are for 15 years and the first set was issued during 1994-95.
I tried to figure out some the current operators license period. The life time is valid till the current operator’s license period.
Vodafone has a license period till 18.12.2015., till 25 September 2021 for Chennai circle.For Reliance its 15 years Airtel lifetime valid till 2021 BSNL valid till 2020 and no idea about !dea
So think wise and twice before opting for life time

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