Why gold is precious

Which is your favorite color? the answer may range from red to green and from pink to blue. There may be some yellow lovers also. But when it comes to ornaments 99% will go for gold, which is having a bright yellow color. The question is why gold is so precious, I will argue that its due to humans gold is precious. There are also people who don’t like gold because they are having
metal allergy not metallurgy.

The civilizations that don’t use gold do not value it. There is great deal of gold influence in history ranging from Egyptian civilization to Chinese .The pursuit of gold has equal contribution to atrocities including war, colonization and slavery.
The fall of Inca Empire and Aztec Empire was due to gold plundering. Remember the Californian "Gold Rush" in 1849.Gold Standard was used by many countries until the great depression 1932. Alchemists also worked a lot to make gold from other metal using a mythical stone called Philosophers stone. Their interest later paved way to modern chemistry.

Gold is the most malleable and ductile metal, i.e. 1 gram can be made into a sheet of 1 square meter. Gold is a good conductor of electricity and mostly found in electronic devices like computers (Yes your computer contains gold, Gonna break it).It can prevent corrosion and also its non toxic.
Pure gold is 24 carat but it’s soft, so it’s alloyed with base metals to make ornaments. Usually copper is used.18k or 18 carrots gold contains 25% copper.22K gold contains 91.6 pure gold.

Indians buy 25 % of words gold(Thanks to Akshaya Tritiya)

Gold is found free in nature so next time when you walk careful not to stumble upon a gold stone

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May be its demand and supply ratio which makes it expensive.

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